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Powder Coating Applicator

Rishi Enterprise Product

Integration Concept

Booth - when integrated with Equipment and post filter gives:

  • Automatic mixing of fresh & recovered powder.
  • Automatic feeding of powder to spray gun.
  • Automatic on-line sieving.
  • Prevention of entry of fines in atmosphere.

Rishi Enterprise Product

Post Filter

98.5% efficiency of the Multicyclone helps in maximum utilization of chargeable powder. But to comply with Pollution Control Laws, the 1.5% powder fines are required to be arrested. The post filter arrests this powder and gives out breathable air.

A number of filter cartridges are mounted inside the sealed metallic chamber. The air enters the chamber and the filteration occurs 'outside in'. Periodic purge removes the powder and clean the cartridge. Clean air is given out through the blower outlet.

Rishi Enterprise Product

Moduler Multicyclone

Guaranteed efficiency of 98.5 % with a very long life gives the Multicyclone an edge over other powder recovery systems. The high velocity of powder in the multicyclone reduces powder sticking, so cleaning time is negligible.

Rishi Enterprise Product

Powder Coating Booth

Owing to our expertise in this domain, we are providing our customers with an extreme quality range of Powder Coating Booth that ideal to be used for low volume applications. It has a precisely designed motor which creates an effective centrifugal force on the particles. The given product is ideal for baking of powder coating parts, and curing of paint films. Complete combustion, tough construction, high density insulation & optimum air flow rate, heat exchanger for better heat transfer efficiency are features of offeredPowder Coating Booth


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