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Automatic Lubrication Unit

For S series where conveyor is to function at 220 degrees, lubrication is mandatory, we offer an automatic drop type controlled lubrication unit that ensures chain getting lubricated only at the points it is supposed to be. It can be programmed for periodic lubrication.

Rishi Enterprise Product

Caterpillar Type Positive Transmission Drive Unit

We promote positive transmission type caterpillar drive that functions over a considerably lesser power and hence remains lesser on the maintenance side. Incorporation of over tension limit switches (OTLS) in the drive unit enables motor rotection under chain lock condition.

Rishi Enterprise Product

Closed Track

Conveyor tracks are enclosed type and are formed sections. Chain gets appropriate guide with this arrangement ensuring a chain to remain dustproof. Tracks are of greater strength and hence require overhead/ground supporting only at the distances of 3 mtrs.


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